PianoSync, Enya – Shepherd Moons

PianoSync, Enya – Shepherd Moons

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Shepherd Moons is an ethereal and enchanting album by Irish musician, Enya, released in November of 1991. It won the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album of 1993 and reached the top 20 on the Billboard 200 in the US and UK, and has remained a New Age and Adult Contemporary favorite ever since. Its haunting vocal harmonies and feathery instrumentals are carried to new heights with the addition of the lush piano accompaniment composed and recorded for PianoDisc by Jarrod Radnich. For more about Radnich, visit www.JarrodRadnich.com

Track List:

  1. Shepherd Moons -- Audio Preview
  2. Caribbean Blue -- Audio Preview
  3. How Can I Keep From Singing?Audio Preview
  4. Ebudae -- Audio Preview
  5. Angeles -- Audio Preview
  6. No Holly for Miss Quinn
  7. Book of Days -- Audio Preview
  8. Evacuee -- Audio Preview
  9. Lothlórien
  10. Marble Halls -- Audio Preview
  11. After Ventus -- Audio Preview
  12. Smaointe...