Artist Series: Tom Grant

Artist Series: Tom Grant

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Tom Grant is pretty young to be a founding father, but that's just what he is...of Smooth Jazz. This fusion of traditional jazz and modern pop surfaced in the mid '80's with Grant among it's first hit-making artists. His top-ten records in that genre include "Mango Tango", "Night Charade", "In My Wildest Dreams" and "The View From Here". Grant is great in any genre, however, and if you like R & B, New Age, Jazz and Pop (or any fusion thereof), you'll like Tom Grant.

Track List:

  1. Fantasy
  2. Just the Right Moment
  3. Listen Very Hard
  4. Norwegian Wood
  5. Blue Voyage
  6. It Could Happen To You
  7. Private Beach
  8. Heidi's Song
  9. Alpha Centauri
  10. Teach Me Tonight
  11. Morning Show
  12. S.O.S.